Pampa Bistro SA understands that food and beverages industry is at constant change. Since we began, back in 2006, we’ve gone through various changes but always remained loyal to our principles of innovation and food safety.

Pampa Bistro is a food company which prepares a wide variety of legal, safe and authentic products with the best of the ingredients our argentine pampas has to offer. We reach different type of consumers needs and food preferences believing that diversity develops the best of us.

During these years we have learned that food is diverse and consumers can have different aproaches to what they eat. One single diet is not enough for people who live in constant changes and enjoying the best life has to offer in a responsible way. Our aim is to fullfill a variety of choices which drives us to constant innovation in our product development portfolio.



Product Development

We design new products by innovating and researching in different areas, international cuisine, diets & nutrition, food technologies, new ingredients and modern packaging processes. Our goal is to deliver consistent products to our customers while assuring quality and food safety.

Choose the best ingredients

The correct process

The right packaging

Consistent product

The product development process is simple

Quality & food safety certifications

Food safety is key to all of us in the food industry that is why our effort is focused in assuring our customers the highest standards in our practices involving suppliers of goods and services in our quality system which is managed by our constant learning team.

Chile Brasil Uruguay  United States  Germany  Switzerland  Italy  Spain  Arab Emirates

We develop and deliver products all over the world.

We reach countries in Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Asia. 


Our products

We offer our consumers a variety of choices of our ready to eat products.


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